December Update

The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity and we wanted to update you on our experiences since our last JGP in October.
When we returned from Croatia, Igor & Adrienne decided to reinvigorate our Short Dance with some new music and choreography. We had loved our original SD, but since we have grown together as a team from the time that the program had been created, it was no longer pushing us to our potential in terms of intricacy and chemistry. So, we replaced our first two pieces of music with some fresh, hot rhythms and Igor gave us amazing choreography to match. When our ballroom coaches, Steve & Susan, added their sizzle into the mix, the program just started to POP! We love it and are thrilled to be able to share it with the officials and the audience! 
Our first qualifying competition of the season was Midwesterns, held in November in Geneva, Illinois. It was wonderful to have a large group of friends and family to support us, as Alex is from the Chicagoland area. We debuted our updated Short Dance and  loved the feedback that we received — both from the audience and from the judges. Our Free Dance was so much fun — we skated with abandon, focusing on sharing our story with the audience (and, of course, executing our levels for the Tech Panel!) We got a new Personal Best in both SD and FD, winning the Midwestern Sectional title.
We returned to Novi following Thanksgiving and are pushing ourselves to maximize our performances for Nationals in January.
We wish you all a happy holiday season!
Ellie & Alex